We Know Dining!

Our menu is ever-evolving, the attached is a close example of what to expect when you join us. Seasonal changes depend on the produce we are receiving from our farm and our suppliers keep dishes fresh and innovative.


Farmer’s Bread cultured butter 6

Yam Fries garlic mayo 9

Fried Mushrooms ranch, hot sauce carrots 13

Veg Salad pickled beets, nettle puree 16

Carrot Salad pumpkin seed, purslane, carrot sorbet 18

Veg Tempura sumac, basil oil 18

Seafood Crudo elderflower vinaigrette, coriander, cucumber 23

Smoked Salmon beets, cultured cream, radish, dill, maple juniper glaze 22

Lamb Tartare mustard, mint, snow peas, lemon, malt vinegar chip 23

Bucatini Carbonara bacon, peas, black pepper, grano padano 23

Chicken Ballotine snow peas, crushed potato, morel + sherry sauce 30

Chuck Roast greens, bacon vinaigrette, potato, black pepper sauce 33

Cheese Burger mushroom ketchup, onion, lettuce, pickles, fries 23 add bacon +3 Fresh Berries grand fir cake, raspberry puree, elderflower ice cream 15

Sirene Chocolate Cake black currant, pumpkin seed, candy cap crumb 15



Carrot Salad

Lamb Tartare Smoked Salmon

Seafood Crudo Haida Gwaii Halibut

Parry Bay Lamb Duo Chocolate Cake


Fresh Berries Wine Pairings Available 48